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Our Review Methodology

Procedures Performed by Surgeon:

Gastric Bypass 
Gastric Banding 
Gastric Sleeve 
Duodenal Switch
Revision Surgery




Board Certified


Single Incision



Mexico Bariatric Cities in MexicoThe information we gathered for this site comes from a lot of different resources. We scour the weight loss surgery forums for patient reviews, testimonials and input on surgeons. We cover boilerplate information from a surgeon’s and sometimes hospitals’ website. We read reviews from patients on sites like ObesityHelp and the like. After all the content is gathered, we provide a detailed review of the weight loss surgeon with a relative (star) rating.

Things to Consider When Searching for a Reliable Bariatric Surgery in Mexico:

  • Focusing solely on price is a bad choice for most patients.
  • A surgeon performing more than four weight loss surgeries per day is generally too taxing to be sustainable.
  • Consider their education and certifications, such as Board-Certification in Bariartics & Metabolics.
  • We recommend patients find surgeons who work out of full-service hospitals.
  • Find surgeons who perform their own surgeries (rather than ghost surgeons).
  • Younger surgeons who have better hand/eye coordination for endoscopic proficiency.
  • Surgeons fluent in English to be able to communicate with them.
  • Research the surgeon and read their reviews.

* Complication rates are based on data, whenever available, about the surgeon’s surgical complication rates for weight-loss surgery. When icon is shown the surgeon’s complication rate is deemed excellent.

* Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery, otherwise known as SILS or single port incision, is the latest breakthrough in bariatric surgery. With single port incision, surgeons are able to perform the same surgery through one port providing patients with a host of advantages including: fewer scars, less scarring, faster recovery time and a better aesthetically-pleasing abdomen.

One comment

  1. Is a 16 year old girl with a BMI of 30-31 a suitable candidate for a lap band if there are no co-morbidities?

    She is about 182 pounds and 5ft4. She seems to have a very large frame now, wide waist and broad shoulders and very large breasts that cause discomfort. Her mother and Grandmother both weigh over 30 pounds less than she does. Her metabolism seems very slow with one thyroid test coming back ‘borderline underactive’. The Doctor took no action.
    She swims 3 times a week and walks 40 mins a day to/from school. As her sibling is slightly underweight if anything, I am at a loss to understand why she keeps gaining 14 pounds per year, every year since puberty. She was not overweight until the onset of puberty at 12 years old.
    She is suffering socially, has low confidence about her appearance and has had depression, very few girls in the affluent area we live in or at her school are overweight. She is also very sensitive about this subject making it hard for me to try to help her thus far. I think something that is proven to work and provide results quickly is the answer.
    I note Dr Alvarez has operated on a 12 year old girl so I am hoping that my daughter would not be barred based on her age?

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