Thursday , 8 June 2017
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NEWS: Bariatric Surgery May Help Reset Weight “Set Point”

Overweight Woman

For those that struggle with obesity, diet and exercise are often not enough. Studies have shown that there is as much as a 95% failure rate in those trying to lose weight through lifestyle changes alone. This high failure rate is due to numerous factors, including: Failing to address the root of the weight gain. Difficulty in adhering to diet ... Read More »

Urinary Incontinence Improved by Bariatric Surgery by 3 Years

Overweight Group

At the American Urogynecologic Society and International Urogynecological Association 2014 Scientific Meeting it was discussed that there had been an improvement of urinary incontinence in obese women for as many as three years after bariatric surgery. Most of the women reporting urinary incontinence are obese and are reported to be at a 4-fold increased risk over others. Severe incontinence becomes ... Read More »

Reoperative, Revisional Bariatric Surgery Risks are Low

Surgery Room

When it comes to reoperative bariatric surgery, there has been a long-standing concern that the procedure is hazardous for patients. Studies now show that reoperative bariatric surgery does not increase the morbidity or the mortality rates for patients as was initially suspected. In fact, the differences between the first surgery and the reoperative bariatric surgery with relation to risk barely ... Read More »

Bariatric Surgery Accrediting Agencies and What They Mean to You


Accrediting agencies are responsible for ensuring the safety of patients who choose to endure weight loss surgery. They test surgeons and medical professionals on important factors affecting an operation to determine whether or not they can competently perform these tasks safely and securely. When deciding on a surgeon, be sure to ask them of their accreditations before committing to surgery ... Read More »